Facebook Improves Advertising Strategy

by Alex Marshi

(This was originally published on Alex Marshi's Quora Column on August 14th, 2013.)

 Facebook has been improving their revenue by cashing in on news feed ads. With an average Click Through Rate (CTR) anywhere between 1% and 7%, news feed ads outperform all social media networks in terms of engagement.

However, if you wanted to run a campaign on Facebook leading directly to your website, you had to settle for desktop ads on the right hand side of the screen. These ads average only 0.03% click through rate. Although it is understandable that Facebook would prefer to advertise links to FB pages instead of websites, this limitation for direct link ads also scares off potential clients.

But now Facebook has figured out to solve the problem: Incentivize creating a Facebook page when an advertiser tries to run a direct link campaign.


Not only will a new Facebook page allow the advertiser to market in news feeds (where one pays higher prices for clicks and impressions), they also now have a page with no fans. How can they increase the number of fans for their page? By spending more money on Facebook advertising.

I expect that Facebook and its shareholders are in for a happy surprise when quarterly earnings are announced on October 21st, 2013. I recommended buying Facebook (FB) (Why Buying (FB) Before October 23rd, 2012) and the share price rose 20% on that day alone.


Bottom Line

Marketers: Start spending more on Facebook ads before prices increase.

Investors: Consider purchasing (FB) before October 21st, 2013.

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Hedge Fund Advertising Will Change the World (of Finance and Marketing)

by Alex Marshi in

The day is finally here: The ban on hedge fund advertising has been lifted -- and the timing couldn't be better.


Although this new regulation was signed into law along with the rest of The JOBS act on April 5th of 2012, the SEC delayed submitting their final rules until July 10th, 2013. 60 days after the rules in the Federal Register, the hedge fund advertising industry will officially be born.


I've been writing about this new law for ages, and as an ad agency owner, I can say with absolutely certainty that the majority of the marketing world isn't fully aware (yet)  of the scale of this gold rush. As a hedge fund analyst, I can also say with certainty that many hedge fund managers have been putting aside capital and waiting patiently for the new law to go into effect so they can start running ads.


Hedge fund managers -- especially those managing funds with less than one billion under management -- are especially excited about the new law because they will now have freedom of speech. The old regulations for funds were so strict that (technically) a hedge fund manager could not even say what he does for a living while in public, as it could be seen as a form of solicitation.


To add insult to injury, hedge fund managers with billions of dollars under management have always had the freedom to speak openly about their work in any forum and can even publish their performance results in financial publications. Why do the richest hedge fund managers have rights that the less wealthy managers do? Because the rules of the game are written to keep the big guys at the top. This new right of free speech for managers of smaller funds will go a long way to leveling the playing field.


But why did I say that the lifting of this ban couldn't have come at a better time? Well, I meant it couldn't come at a better time for me personally. 


As my ad agency is now proficient in all of the relevant online marketing mediums (social media, search engine, display, content, etc.) and as I've worked for a hedge fund for several years now, there are few other advertisers in existence better prepared to begin cornering the new hedge fund ad industry. I've had multiple, complex campaigns created and ready to run for many months and I'm looking forward to sharing them with more hedge fund managers.


In the coming months, advertisers from all over the world will be struggling to come up with ideas on how to sell a product which hasn't been marketed for 80 years. I'm sure many funds will waste their money on things like billboards, TV / radio spots and an ungodly amount of mailers. Old fund managers will choose these methods only because they are the most familiar with them. However, the hedge fund managers who are more aware of the effectiveness of "new media" marketing tactics are already trying to learn as much as possible about the internet and social media before "the race" begins.


The Bottom Line

This new golden opportunity to advertise is going to result in heavy competition for clients in the marketing world and even heavier competition for investors in the hedge fund world. That is why I will leave members of those two groups with this advice:


If you're a marketer: 

Now is the time for you to get educated about hedge funds and start thinking creatively about how to market them. I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about this game-changing development and we can also discuss combining our resources and working together to attract and retain hedge fund clients.


If you're a hedge fund manager: 

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